About Me

Hi there,

I’m just a curious guy who loves solving real world problems using code.

My brief history in programming

I developed an interest towards programming when we where taught QBasic in 6th grade. That interest grew when I was introduced to HTML in 8th grade, we were taught how to create a form but not how to handle it, so I looked for answers on my own and found PHP. I deployed my first website when I was 14. It was a website with useful resources for students. The code was a disaster though, some horrible snippets I wrote then still haunt me in my sleep.

Then I learned heared about python and learned it on my own when I finished 10th grade. I developed small hobby projects with python but due to collge prep I couldn’t do much.

When I reached college, I restarted the developer in me with the help of some awesome mentors. I took full advantage of quarantine, learned so much and did some internships and volunteer work.

Through the community I got offered a couple of internships, I’m working on them right now.

What do I bring to the table

I’m natuarally curious, and a quick learner. I also bring along my passion for coding, that drives me to extreme lengths like an adrenaline rush until the job is done.


B.Tech In Computer Science @ RIT - 2019 – Present

High School @ Bhavan’s Newsprint Vidyalaya - 2019